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A Devotee's Adventure

Hello, my name is Aurora and I have been a part of many fandoms! Starting as a young devotee to many fandoms, it was difficult to find any merchandise from my favorite shows, let alone something unique or obscure. This is why I opened this shop, Devotee Couture. 

I started drawing in middle school, inspired by anime like Soul Eater and Host Club and the new at the time Avatar the Last Airbender. I sold small pencil drawing for a school fair and was surprised at the amount of support I received from community members.

In high school I was introduced to anime conventions and was lucky enough to attend some of the largest anime conventions in the United States. While at these cons I would cosplay characters, such as Madoka, Blair, and even some Homestuck. Visiting the Artist Alley was my favorite part of every con. Just full of beautiful fan and original art... very intimidating to a beginner artist. 

I really wanted to go to art school, but I would constantly talk myself out of it. I would see people my age with art leagues above my own and think I was too far behind to ever stand out. So I went to get a Business degree instead... which lead to where I am now.

Thanks to my studies I now feel confident enough to start my own business! My goal is to be a one stop shop for all fandoms! I hope you enjoy the art and couture you find here!

We will be releasing new products all the time so do not forget to check the SHOP page and my Instagram @devoteecouture! If you have a suggestion for our next featured fandom or character please email us at

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