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Making Fun Business Cards!

A business card should represent your company in a clear and concise manor. It should also show all the best ways to reach you and your company.

Recently, I have been experimenting with prints of my art and the costs of selling prints on my website. I am still not sure how soon I will be selling prints, but I thought it might be fun to test it out as freebies in orders.

When I was packing an order I thought it was weird to have it blank on the back of the I decided to add my business card design to the back. It worked out AMAZING! Now I have both a print and a business card on the same piece of paper, condensing waste and making it more likely that the customer will keep the business card!

I made three different designs to go on top of the business card so far, and I have nine more designs in the works! I plan on trying to coordinate the card designs to the orders, so customers can collect the prints from different orders:)

Hope you enjoyed my first post! If you want to see more, visit my Tictok @devoteecouture or my Insta @devoteecouture

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