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This product includes 4 POKEMON VINYL STICKERS!


These vinyl stickers can be used on laptops, cars, and water bottles.


This set comes with a Eevee boba sticker, Jolteon boba sticker, Vaporeon boba sticker and a Flareon boba sticker (four stickers in total).


These sticker are about each 3 inches at most on the longest side (up and down OR left to right).


This set comes with 2 random freebies!


Purchase comes with 6 pieces total (4 stickers + 2 random freebies)


Before placing a vinyl sticker - clean the suface and make sure the surface is completely dry.


When cleaning something with a vinyl sticker already placed on it make sure to hand wash gently with cool water.


Returns and refunds will NOT be available or given.

copy of Eevee Boba Vinyl Stickers (set of 4)

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