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Go Fund Me!

Art is not only my life, its also my job and my only way to support myself. Due to this it becomes very difficult to pay bills and order new exciting designs. 

To help me be able to keep inventory fresh and have the ability to afford the best quality products I created a Go Fund Me page! I will create fundraisers to donate to the production of new products and help ease the pressure and huge financial burden having a business can cause. Thank you so much and please take a look below at our newest fundraisers!

Cosplaying Doge Vinyl Stickers

Are you a DOGE person? This will be a set of TEN VERY WOW DOGE vinyl stickers cosplaying your favorite characters!


The money donated will go towards ordering ten different DOGE designs. The first design will be the classic DOGE; then, every $30 increment will unlock the next cosplaying DOGE.


Dino Nuggets

Thank you to everyone who donated to this fundraiser! I am so happy and thankful for all of your love and support. The fundraiser is still active if you would still like to donate to push even farther than our goal<3


If you share the same love I have for these precious nuggets keep an eye on my Instagram @devoteecouture for when they drop:)

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